Cops & Roll, Sacred & Scared, A Tale of 3 Idiots

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Much muck is being raked after Bombay police bigwigs danced with dons….The grapevine has it that they were rocking in such proximity, that after some time, the dons began to think they were cops and cops vice versa. Anyway, most of the time the public too cannot find out the difference.

You can’t expect cops who are all the time thinking of gangsters not to jive with them. Of course only some very good cops become exactly like criminals. That is not given to all. But one must understand that one becomes what one meditates upon (the monistic philosophers in India called it the example of the bee and the worm…wherein the worm becomes just like the bee which keeps stinging it…No disrespect mean by the analogy…to the worm I mean).

Even the demons of old, who were despatched by one avatar or other, ultimately reached the lord’s abode (they originally were from there anyway). So please don’t make much of cops and criminals in embrace. Do you expect a cop who knows about this new year bash set up by the number one don to skip it. Is it not his duty to keep an eye on criminals, if need be by dancing with them! Then next thing you will want cops to do is share a drink with politicians, actors or godmen. Even then tongues will not stop wagging. Its not a cops life anymore, it a dog’s


The Sacred Heart school people in Chandigarh, who many years ago showed the door to poor Ruchika, are now being hard put to explain why they did what they did.

A spokesman Father Thomas is making a mess of things covering up Adam’s anatomy with straw and garbage. According to him, non-payment of fees for six months led to Ruchika’s termination. The outstanding amount was Rs. 30.

See how easy the school was on the pockets of parents. It is crookedness on the part of the media not to appreciate this great service that the sacred heart is rendering to the cause of education. Just for the lost case of a single girl, that too dead, the media is besmirching the reputation of such a great, cheap! school.

Fr. Dominic, the media savvy priest, has attempted damage control by agreeing that the school could have made a mistake. But why should a school dedicated to education and if possible proselytisation pick up a fight with a powerful cop. Has it not named itself sacred heart? Does it not have a right to its priorities! Does anybody want it to be scared heart?

And look at it from another point of view. Cop Rathore had his own daughter studying in the same school. What the hell. Think of her rights. That she will not have somebody trying to molest her is another matter altogether. But does Rathore’s daugther not have a right to study in a clean atmosphere wherein she will not need to rub shoulders with a co-student who was allegedly molested by her dear father.


Will the real 3 idiots stand up?

It is a win win situation for all concerned, original novel writer Chetan Bhagat, actor Aamir Khan, and producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra and his team…..and ultimately it is the public who are going to draw a nought from all this thunder and lightning.

Bhagat is getting the credit that was denied to him by the filmmakers through exposure in the media…the filmmakers are raking in the moolah from the box office.

Film is an eclectic medium and it borrows right, left and centre, most of the time bothering only about its copying rights.

The film makers have the last laugh plundering literature and poetry; and in the common man’s view the original writer may well be the plagiarist as his work is the last to be known!

If Chetan Bhagat did a Vikas Swaroop who renamed his novel Q & A after the success of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, he should re-christen his Five Point Someone as 3 idiots, at least in India. That way he could pull a fast one on the celluloid threesome…and give them a bit of their own medicine.

In the meantime, Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s mercurial performance of shouting ‘Shut up’ to a journo and then making a tearful apology, is said to have won him great TRPs. He is said to be seriously thinking of a film with himself in the lead role. The title of the film will be, ‘One Idiot, at a Time’. It is likely that Aamir Khan will direct this film starring his producer.

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