Child Editors Learn it’s all child’s play!

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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An Indian newspaper, TV channel and beauty products (!) chain, has given one score children from all over the country the greatest experience of their lives by having them in their editorial board as child editors.

The children at first were overawed by the presence of these august men and women, who seemed to be so wrapped up in faraway thoughts, but they soon found out that they were just like them.

Nattie (short for Natasha) managed to peek into the personal chamber of the great economics think tank of the group, and found him dozing with a cuddly teddy bear! Only the bear had a beard…and had Manmohan inscribed on its belly!

Naughty Nattie wanted to learn more and tried to drag the teddy to her side, but the imprecations that flowed out of the dozing giant made her stand back. She however left with the soothing feeling that uncle liked to sleep with a doll just as she did.

Saucy Suchitra had this crush for actor Z…..and managed to latch on to the substantial entertainment editor, Bamli Bamsi, who sat in her special designer seat.

Bamli moved surprisingly fast for a woman of her size and weightage, but Suchi kept at her at a steady trot and just managed to follow her up to the choosy party thrown by Bollywood’s biggest (and shortest) star.

Suchi’s head reeled as she tried to take in all the bigwigs, starlets and models with celluloid ambitions. It was just happenstance that she trailed into this dark corner of the hall, and found Bamli with host BiBi, almost hidden in the folds of the curtains and the shadows they cast.

BiBi patted B, and slipped a lovely lolly pop into her mouth! Suchi just managed to hear the words, precious Panda, or something almost similar!

She saw Bamli preserving the scarlet lolly pop in golden tissue paper which she slipped into a velvety pouch.

Bespectacled S (short for Sri!) tagged on to the media baron’s son, who was being groomed for take over. S was taken to the race course where the horses bred by the family waited to win races. The speckled colt was Roll which you know sounds so much like Raul or Rahul..the white winner dappled in dark Quatrochian spots was Swannie close to Sonia…and the tall and raring to go mare was Panka!

S listened in awe as the would-be king gave out the horse names. He then had an Italian chocolate slipped into his hand. The scion now began to sing, ”Take it easy boy….It’s all just a game…Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have you any wool, Yes Sir Yes Sir, Three Bags full….One for the mistress, One for the boy, And one for the little girl, Who lives down the lane!’

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