Badmash Shri Awards
(With due apologies to some Republic day awardees whom I too respect!)
(No pun meant on the Hindusthani word Badmash for whose English equivalent readers are referred to Hindi dictionary…One can say that it is the antonym of honest, of good conduct etc)

These awards are being conferred on the occasion of Re-pubs day, and will have a lot of illicit liquour flowing. On a first come first served basis, counterfeit money will be distributed.

Badmash Shri to Rathore

1. The first award of Badmash Shri goes to former DGP S.P. Rathore…as much for that scowl like smirk on his face as for his attempted molestation of 14-year-old Ruchika 19 years ago. Of course the way he kept up the pressure on the family by tracking them with his police hounds is also unequalled and will be inscribed in the gold medal that will be presented to him by the don of D company.

Bad-mash Shri for getting wrong man

2.The killers of sub inspector R Vettrivel, a decorated Tamil Nadu police official are being conferred Bad-mash Shri. Not only for planning the dastardly attack on a cop but also for getting the wrong man. To be collectively shared by the conspirators, with pride of place to be given to any former cop involved in the deed. The Tamil Nadu ministers who were witness to the incident are to be awarded certificates of merit for gaping at the crime.

TDS deferred for Badmash Shri awardees

3. Those responsible for the killing of 38-year-old RTI activist Satish Shetty at Talegaon near Pune are among this year’s Badmash Shri awardees. This Shetty was a fearless man who had been a thorn in the flesh of real estate developers who are making India a superpower, among other things. The killers did their job at the lowest cost. They therefore have been granted exemption from paying TDS on the supari money they got. The murderers will get medals, for, as anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare said, ”stabbing the spirit of democracy”.

Escaped terrorists as special guests in Kasab function

4. Ajmal Kasab gets the Badmash Vibushan award for 2009. He is the government of India’s special guest and deserves every honour, as signified by the campaign Aman ki Badshah. India’s foremost poets as well as front-ranking Bollywood stars are congratulating him for the goodwill he showed in building bridges of understanding between India and its neighbour. The award ceremony will have as special guests the three Pakistani terrorists who recently escaped in Delhi. After the function, they will be escorted by the capital’s police so that they can promptly escape once again.


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