Big B’s beautiful sting

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I love this newfound cameraderie between the Big B and Big T.

Let it be perverted, converted, inverted…I love it.

Especially because it shows the moral high ground of the English media its place….in the WPB.

Yes…I despise the divisive Marathi Manush politics of Shiv Sena, and I don’t believe in drooling over the Big B and other attendant bees…which the ‘aforesaid’ media does when it suits it.

The sena may be indulging in dirty divisive politics…but perhaps there is a truth about the need to do more for the lagging Marathis all over the state. But dirty politics is better than downright disloyalty, and that to the nation.

The Big B may be overhyped, but at least the king pin deserves some of the adulation that comes his way.

What SRK, the common adversary of Big B and Big T, has done is too close to disloyalty to the nation…or too hateful of India…How could he have said that Pakistan is a good neighbour? Who does he think he or India is? Jesus Christ? In fact he is more like jesting Pilate who would not wait for an answer to a crucial question.

We dont need this type of aman ki asha. I am loving the English media whining in disbelief at the Big B’s praise for the Sena chief. It’s a good gambit that he pulled off even as family friend or friend who is family Amar Singh is becoming a Vichitra Katha series.

But praising the Sena is not as bad as praising Pakistan, Is it?


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