Another Chennai street run over by mad traffic

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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All concepts of an ordered city life are being given a go by by Chennai city planners.

That is what one begins to think if one looks at the way they try to cope with the burgeoning traffic.

One way roads on which the vehicles hurtle fast seems to be the panacea they aim for. This is so for many main roads, on which vehicles speed as if being hotly pursued by the plague.

In this fast lane, calm streets are now getting run over.

The latest to come in the crossfire of such a mad plan is Fourth street in Abhiramapuram.

Abhiramapuram is a calm locality, through which runs C. P. Ramaswamy road connecting Adyar and Besant nagar in the south with Mount road and the north.

To control the flow on this road, the latest casualty is Abhiramapuram fourth street, through which all the traffic both from the south and north is being routed now. (from Feb. 2010)

This is making a peaceful neighbourhood next door to hell.

Many of the avenue trees in such streets (though this has not started as yet in the above street) are also being brutally sheared of most of their branches, and the shade is being decimated. What we find standing is the trunk , and some pitiful greenery.

The city planners seem set to turn the city into hell. Chennai Nagaram being turned into Chennai Naragam.

Don’t residents of peaceful neighbourhood have any rights? Can they used as just conduits of overwhelming traffic and runs over their daily affairs and peace?

In the mad rush of vehicles, the pavements have all shrunk tremendously in most areas. Is it the policy of the Chennai traffic police that there should be no pedestrians on the road, or are they hand in glove with those who want to eliminate them. Already I know of quite of few very alert and well maintained senior citizens who avoid the roads and streets altogether.

If more people die in India in road accidents than anywhere else in the world, it is due to such blinkered attempts to regulate traffic.

Is it not the duty of traffic planners to see that the vehicle population on the road in kept in control so that we can have sanity on our roads.

Should quite neighbourhoods pay with their peace for the city planners lack of imagination in tackling traffic problems?

Why not take measures like anning odd and even number vehciles on certain days of the weak?

Are any efforts being taken to encourage use of cycles, which are a non polluting method of commuting, with separate lanes for them?

Let Chennai planners wake up and get their standards right? They should not be allowed to wreck the city.

The traffic police claim that it is for just a month that this change will be implemented.

But I think it is ploy to plumb the extent of opposition to the move.

Aleady the police are claiming that just a quarter of the residents in this area oppose this move.

The traffic police and planners should not play with the lives of people living in residential neighbourhoods.


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