‘My Name is Khan’, I may not be Indian?

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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What should I retract, should I retract the fact that I am an Indian, asks Shahrukh Khan, the star of ‘My name is Khan’.

Whatever be the controversy, why does Shahrukh make India the first casualty?

Is it because India was already a casualty through Pakistan?

Why was he saying that Pakistan is a good neighbour?

How many Indians will support him on that statement? Pakistan is a classic case of Duryodhana…and has undercut India repeatedly, and is the pain in many parts…and it is a good neighbour?

Yet NDTV cries itself hoarse that twitterworld and its bitterworld are full of support for Shahrukh.

You can find an undertone of deep disappointment in NDTV anchors that Bollywood bigwigs and general public are not supporting Shahrukh.

Do such channels which are full of stances and fixed loyalties and opaque ideologies deserve to be providing news?

If extreme ideologies like that of the Shiv Sena are harmful, even more harmful and insidious is the evil done by news organisations which poison news with their skewed perceptions.

The first sigh of good humanity and good journalism is to have some healthy self-doubt. That is absolutely lacking in the English news channels which have set idealogies and a set self-interest above all.

If journalism is in such straits in our country, will our politicians be better.

India has made Shahrukh Khan a Karoadpathi with the admiration of millions…Yet the first question he asks, should I retract the fact that I am an Indian?

Why was it so easy?

Why is it so easy for some of our English journalists too?

  1. ram says:

    ///Why was he saying that Pakistan is a good neighbour?/// because he is muslim…as usual muslims are supporting pakistan..and siva sena also doing very cheep politics…by language. thats y people could not openly support them. they have stick only into hinduthva..and they should not hurt people by language.