What SRK should apologise about

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Mr. Shahrukh is many things…and now he is suffering from beginning stages of mixed personality disorder. One hopes it does not become obsessive personality disorder

This is the result of juggling many personas…perhaps he took some of his screen roles too seriously!

Another latterday persona of his is that of owner of Kokatta Knight Riders. It was then that he developed this fascination for Pakistani cricketers.

Of course, it was not very Jesus Christ-like on the part of other bidders to snub Pakistani players in the IPL auction. But compared to what Pakistan does to India in its war of a thousand cuts, it was close to angelic.

The buyers were just following the age-old axiom of keeping off the troublemakers. (There is a proverb in Tamil which asks one to steer clear of such characters).

For Mr. Khan, whose country allows him to wear his Khan-hood on his sleeves, forehead and wherever he wants to tattoo himself….to talk of Pakistan as a good neighbour was a little too much…to put it lightly. Especially after 26-11.

An icon…though just of celluloid…should beware of saying such things.

His father Taj Khan was not from Pakistan…But from a part of India that later became Pakistan…..But did he not choose to come over here during partition. Was it not because he thought that his place was no more his place.

Then why drool over the good neighbour…and that after 26-11.

While nobody wants to be lecturing nobody else on patriotism…being a national of a country, and that too a famous person of the nation, demands compliance with certain norms.

Khan now says that he feels what no icon should confess to feeling….scared.

This is the reason of speaking the wrong lines for the role he is playing.

Of course what he really is…is his own problem. Nobody has a right to question him about that…unless it gets into conflict with the laws of his present country.

For a start, he can reword his statement on the good neighbourliness of Pakistan. Then he would be true both to himself and to Pakistan.

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