No Utsav for Rathore attacker

Posted: February 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
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SPS Rathore, the Haryana cop convicted for molesting the young girl Ruchika years ago, has been almost murderously attacked by a young man.

Rathore was returning after a hearing of his case when Utsav, from Ahmedabad, got hold of Rathore’s collar and plunged a short and sharp knife into his neck and cheek repeatedly.

Whatever the sins committed by Rathore against Ruchika in the past, this is no way to get even with him.

The media, which has been having a go at the cop for some time, should also be held partly responsible for provoking such actions.

While thousands of cases rust in court, a few cases in which the media shows interest, get a hyperactive energy of their own.

Utsav’s attack is also possibly linked to the media attention Rathore got.

I only hope that no hero status is conferred on Utsav…and the media doesn’t start focussing on him.

What happened to the journalist who attacked Bush with a boot should not happen to Utsav. He must not get respectability. It must be noted that Utsav too claimed to a writer and journalist researching the Ruchika case.

Rathore is not a lion that needs to be attacked. He is an old fox that needs to be carefully baited.

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