Religion is the opiate of the CPM

Posted: February 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Beleaguered West Bengal CPM chief minister Buddhadeb Dasgupta has sat under the Bodhi tree of electoral calculation (with an eye on 2011 state elections), and accounced a ten per cent reservation in jobs for Muslim OBCs.

Constitutional experts say that this is against the spirit of the Constitution. But obviously the politicians care a damn for it. The CPM’s central committee meeting took the decision and you have no idea what idea it has of India.

Whatever else, it feels that it is the best party to govern, and it should stick on to government by hook or by crook.

There is no botheration about creating divisions in the country on religious lines. Considering that India was split on such considerations, how cynical of the communists to do this. Of course this is not the first time Buddhadeb is taking such a communal step. Just before last independence day, he announced a financial largesse to 3500 Muslim students.

One is not against helping poor students…but to discriminate on the basis of religion is quite wrong. Obviously religion is also the opiate of the communist party!

I do hope that a resurgent Mamta not only wakes West Bengal from this opiate torpor but also rids it of the Marxist Mahisha.

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