Good Neighbour and German Bakery

Posted: February 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Shahrukh Khan’s good neighbour across the Arabian sea gestures in PoK, that there is going to be a blast in Pune, and up goes German Bakery near the Jewish Shabad house in smoke with foreigners there being despatched without visa to the ultimate foreign destination.

The Good Neighbour stabs India in the heart, stomach and the soul…and all that ‘My Name is Khan’ can do is go to the United States and yell at the President that I am Khan and I am not a terrorist!

Pakistan is the Duryodhana that was born with India…It was born with the wrong genes and will never cease from the dictates of its distorted soul.

Yes, Pakistanis were Indians before they chose to be baptised in the waters of communalism. But down the decades Pakistan’s spirit has been so caught up with hatred for the other rather than self-respect for itself, that the demons of the mind have come to acquire a life and soul of their own.

Not that all the chaps are bad…The human soul defies even the crooked commandments of a hate-filled polity….and flowers despite the stymying injections at the root.

The only language that a braggart and bully understands is the language of strength. Untill that happens, god knows in what manner, the challenges from across the border will never stop.

Aman ki ashas…won’t work. Not even Aman ki Badshahs can work.

What then will happen to Duryodhana? What price will Bharat pay to rid itself of the thug from across the border? The ball is in the court of the future.

For one, Shahrukh may not what know sort of neighbour we have.

We know.

We may begin by saying that there was a gas cylinder blast in German bakery. Then we may point fingers at IM. But the finger of the compass will turn to our good neighbour…

The good neighbour will offer more talks…and our good businessmen will offer Aman ki Ashas and Chaman ki Ashas…Until India itself will become like its neighbour.

That is what our good neighbour wants. A broken and crushed India.

That will never happen.

Because Bharat is born from the wombs of Mother Earth with the song of peace on its lips and with the mantra of Om Shanti in its soul.

Bharat is born not to die in hate but to live in love.


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