Bihar MLA’s MIchael Jackson jig

Posted: February 22, 2010 in Uncategorized
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A Bihar MLA has been taken to task for dancing with bar girls at his official residence (Feb. 21, 2010). He had organised a dance programme to entertain the people of his constituency.

I am a great admirer of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar, but I take offence when he chastises his legislator Shyam Bahadur Singh for providing entertainment to his constituents through the dances of ‘colourfully but skimpily and revealingly dressed girls’. (ToI report)

In Tamil Nadu, I seen even our beloved chief minister witnessing such dances organised by the film community in extraordinary gratitude for his government’s measures to protect the film world.

In fact even family women in our virtuous Tamil Nadu watch such dances regularly on TV in programmes like Maanaada Maayilaada (the deers dance and the peacocks too – any pun on latter word unintentional).

Even great icons take part in such great modern dances!

Dear Michael Jackson jutted out his groin in so many acts that ultimately he died because of an overdose of drugs meant to ease his pelvic pain.

You can see ‘My name is Khan’ or ‘Three Idiots’ (though I really respect the latter) also doing the groin act. It is the done thing.

Even our great channels and great newspapers (protectors of the great values of the people and of demonocracy…– slip regretted) carry beautifully lit photographs of beautifully unclad stars and starlets (these latter variety are hopefulls who ‘let’ anything happen to themselves!).

Given this scenario, what wrong did the earthy MLA commit when he organised the entertainment for the people of his constituency who were coming for a Maha-dalit rally.

Look at the MLA’s spirit of joy and abandon. Even as the girls danced – I hope they were better tutored in their art than some of Chennai’s cabaret girls who hop around in clumsy movements — Shyam Bahadur Singh, wearing shirt and trousers, grabbed a pair of cymbals and jumped barefoot into the arena.

He danced with gay (again no pun here) abandon, making movements with his pelvis not unlike those that our great celluloid icons make.

When his movements slackened, he banged the cymbals.

JD(U) leaders are said to have been embarrassed when the dance was beamed on local TV channels (till that it was perfectly decent and respectable…only the spontaneous expression of joy by a legislator…).

Can this greenhorn legislator who was a great neophyte when it came to such groin jigs compare with ‘My name is Khan’? Why then was he attempting this new gambit especially because he was not a master of the act?

Laloo’s partymen are using the act to poohpooh Nitish. They are only expressing their jealousy at a Nitish legislator providing entertainment which was Laloo’s prerogative till now.

But I would expect Nitish ji not to be a killjoy…because the legislator has done nothing wrong. I am sure his movements could not have been more indecent than that of many of Bollywoods icons. Why then should he alone be targeted?

Rather I would watch this MLA. I believe he is capable of good work. Only his energy has got to be channelled properly. He should be helped to decide whether he wants to be a local MJ or an MLA.


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