What’s in Gods and Goddesses of India

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Gods and Goddesses of India (on the jacket of the DVD )

Script and Direction – Vamanan

Elephant-headed Ganesha riding a mouse,

Flute-playing Krishna,

Kali sporting a garland of skulls,

Rama armed with a bow,

Shiva dancing with his matted locks aflying,

Vishnu reclining on the thousand-headed serpent,

Durga killing the buffalo-headed demon,

Karthikeya riding the peacock or flanked by his two wives,

and Hanuman, the superhuman monkey hero of the epic Ramayana are among the manifold gods worshipped by Hindus in India.

The gods and goddesses of India embody the divine forces at play in the inner and outer world and through symbolism, myth, philosophy, ritual and intuitive experience the modern-day inheritors of an ancient civilisation steeped in the wisdom of the wise men, easily connect with their divinities.

‘Gods and Goddesses of India’ presents the gods in all their multitudinous avatars, etching their dimensions in mythology, religion, iconography, yogic experience and the popular mind.

The interplay of imaginatively shot icons, great temples, classical texts, soothing music and an illuminating narrative show that there is a profound truth and meaning in the Indian forms of divinity. ‘Gods and Goddesses of India’ follows the deep inner urges of Hindu adoration and helps the viewer grasp the meaning of the gods who are but ‘rhythms of the one Infinite Spirit’.

The deities of Hinduism are not so many idols of a pantheon…they are the living symbols of a profound understanding of the implications of life on earth and the thirst for transcendence. Life, so vast, brilliant and all-encompassing is truly reflected in all its magnificence and beauty in the ‘Gods and Goddesses of India’.

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