M.F.Hussain and Taslima Nasreen

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Millionaire MF. Hussain hops across continents…and has gangs of pseudo secularists championing his cause in India…

Now he gets The Sheikh’s Wife To Give Him Citizenship.

And poor India is going to be deprived of a great creative citizen…What a pity, cries the chorus…

While Taslima Nasreen literally grovels at the feet of the Marxist government in West Bengal and the union government asking for Do Bigha Zameen where she can dig her feet and have a roof over her head.

All she gets is platitudes even after she removes so called offending lines from her novel.

What sort of justice is this?

Ram Rahims who make the Hussain matter the talk of the town can only make a show of impartiality when it comes to Taslima’s case.

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