Godman exposed on Sun TV

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As Nityananda sat on the godman’s pedestal, he made a fine picture of youth and knowledge.

He spoke of spiritual truths in a lucid manner, and wrote too in popular journals like Kumudam in an attractive style. ‘Open the doors, let the breeze flow in’ was the title of a series attributed to him….The godboy was pictured as a breath of fresh air in the corridors of spirituality..

He must have been a good organiser too, seeing that he has a string of ashrams in India and many others in the USA and other countries.

As such, people were shocked when they read the running announcement in the Sun TV that it was about to telecast shocking pictures of Nityananda with a Tamil actress.

The legend of the godman’s website, ‘I am not here to give you words; I am here to take you beyond words’ took on a totally different meaning.

Sun TV claimed that it had very carefully verified the authenticity of the video and was sure about the identity of the man on the wide bed who was cavorting with the saree clad woman. The channel chose to mask the face of the actress, but said that she was a Tamil film actress and her name began with R. (This is the style of gossip writers in the Tamil press ). Sun TV later added the additional clue that the actresses name is a four-letter one!

The actress first did ‘pada seva’ to the saint on the bed, but proceeded to serve him more explicitly! All this even as both were well clad, in the manner of the Tamil film heros and heroines.

The ochre robed man on the bed seemed to be in a sort of drug induced lassitude, giving the indication that he was not only sexually active but also into psychotropic drugs.

Even as the shock of the expose lasted, the question arose whether such footage was fit for general viewing.

One devotee of the exposed godman lamented to me over the phone that it was not him. Couldn’t be.

Another former devotee recalled that he had invited the godman to his Kodaikanal bungalow a few years back, only to be queried about making over the property. He was wise enough to promptly wash his hands off the godman, he said.

A few months ago, an acquaintance asked me whether I would be part of a spiritual camp in Chennai to be held by the godman. This time he has decided to distribute immortality, I was told.

Now I realise that if I had attended I would have lost more than the few thousands I was expected to pay for the immortality.

Of course, exposes of this sort can be carried out on politicians, bureaucrats, judges, journalists and who have you.

There is such a complete breakdown of values that there is no space left at all for the sacred.

It is not as much the immorality as the chicanery of it all.

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