Nityananda case – who seduced whom?

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Did godman Nithyananda seduce actress Ranjitha or was Ranjitha seducing him?
(we know it was Ranjitha after Sun TV chose to reveal the face of the actress)

From the visuals till now shown over Sun TV, it does appear that the actress was literally the ‘act’ ress, doing most of the things that were done on screen. The gusto with which she went about her work indicates both practice as well as willing participation.

If it was that she went to the godman with the sob story of her divorce, there is no trace of any remorse in the jigs she did all over the connubial bed.

(Or was it a practiced ritual that the godman had put her through, from the potions he had to be treated to, to the aphrodisical pill that had to be administered?)

If it is the first option, then Ranjitha could have done the work of the Rambhas, Menakas, Urvashis and Thilothamas of Indra’s court. She is obviously going to be the trump card of the powers that be, in exposing the godman’s other questionable deeds. She was perhaps the trojan horse designed to be Nityananda’s undoing.

Obviously some forces (present-day Indras) wanted the godman’s hold on his devotees and fans to loosen. They perhaps wanted his hold to relax on the extensive ashram properties he had accumulated over the years.

It is likely that Ranjitha, being a former heroine from Tamil cinema, became a pawn in a bigger game.

Others too, who are demanding the takeover of all the ashram properties, are perhaps only the proxy voices of those having a deeper agenda and design.

We are seeing the curious spectacle of both the anti-Hindu DK and the ‘Hindu Makkal Katchi’ calling for action against the HIndu godman!

I am not here to prove my divinity : I am here to prove your divinity!

Should we pat ourselves for having high standards at least for godmen, or should we suspect a rat somewhere?

There is something extremely rotten in the state of Denmark, I should say.

  1. garudaazhvaan says:

    All said and done.Nithyanandha shall answer for the discredit he has borught to the Hinduism, which of course does not depend on one single individual, be it Jayenderar or this Nithyanantha.

    An impartial probe from all angles shall be initiated to bring out the truth.

    Now,.next question. Same SUN TV, exposed Alagiri behind the Dinakaran episode. What happened after that, we all know.

    Dinamalar Published actressess involvement in high scale prostitution recently. Then CM intervened and saw to it that, this exposure was pushed under the carpet , so that, nobody washes the dirty linen in public, anyway.

    ND Tiwari episode also we know.Now he is taken off the media trial.

    Given that, why SUN TV, exposes to the innocent audience repeatedly, thereby corrupting the young minds, which otherwise could have been handled,by crime Police, as was covered by CM, in actresses episode.