Nithyananda — sex, videotape and lies

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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There are some people who are feeling let down because they think Nityananda Swami went completely against his teachings. I think this is not fair. He may have gone very wrong in certain ways, but he was following his own directions in some ways. at least in parts.

The legend of the godman’s website says, ‘I am not here to give you words; I am here to take you beyond words’ . Can anyone deny that he has gone beyond words? Please be fair.

‘Never turn to a Master for security…for that is one thing he will never give you’, he once said. Don’t his disciples and devotees feel highly insecure now, tell me. How can you blame him. Be fair to him. He has delivered what he promised

In a Vellore programme a few years back, reported in the Hindu, he said in part, “Do not worry about the past or the future. Live and enjoy the present”. Do not things fall in place. I don’t see what all the hullabaloo is about.

Detailing the yogic steps to be followed to remove the laziness in our mind and body and increase the `prana ottam’ (respiratory action), he has said, ‘One must get the power and spread the action throughout the body’. He has proved it in one sense.

”Then one must store the action in all the seven life `chakras’ (wheels) in the body to remain enthusiastic throughout the day”. (which also includes the night, one might add).

Such being the thrust and appeal of the messages delivered, where is the gap between precept and practice. It is there only in the vain dreams and vacant ambitions of the public. ‘Life is what it was. And what is, is what will be’. After all this, I am becoming a Zen Master!

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