Pakistan charges against India

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Pakistan has charged that India is behind its Lahore blast (The first suicide bomb blast of 2010 in Lahore killed at least 13 people on March 8).

Earlier it had said that India was fomenting trouble in Baluchisthan.

India, of course has denied it…but whoever in Pakistan believed anything India said?

Pakistan is right, I believe! India is behind every iniquity and ignominy faced by Pakistan.

First of all, India is the very cause for the existence of Pakistan.

Tell me, if there was no Hindustan, would there have been a Pakistan?

So don’t talk through your hat: India is responsible for everything facing Pakistan, including as I said, Pakistan itself!

Because India is such a big country, despite the excision of west Punjab and east Bengal, Pakistan always needed a strong army and because of that Pakistan was always under this general’s rule or that general’s rule. (rule means misrule). This is called the general state of Pakistan. Even when there is a so-called democratically elected leader in Pakistan, this general state never abates.

It was because India existed that Pakistan got into all these wars with it….in 1965, 1971 and at Kargil. It is a wonder that Indians don’t realise the simple truth that these wars against India would never have happened if India hadn’t existed. Is it Pakistan’s fault then?

People talk of Pok, meaning Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Nothing could have been a greater lie. The fact is that you must speak of an India occupied Pakistan…which means a Pakistan which is eternally pre-occupied with India! It would be right to say that India has colonised Pakistan is this insidious way! Down with India!

Without understanding the implications of such a subtle and sophisticated background to the whole issue, some people speak of Pakistan as a failed state. In fact you must only speak of a passed state or a passed-away state!

Whether cricket or instant hockey
Whether music or song-filled talkie
First and foremost must be Paki
Last and least, Indian jockey!

These lines, penned (apocryphally) by Kazi Nasrul Islam were accepted as the unofficial anthem of Pakistan, and is followed to this day by any self-respecting Pakistani…whether it be General Musharaff Subhani or general Parvez Kayani!

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