Ram Teri Ganga Pavitra – O Ram, your Ganges brims with sanctity

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Votes for Notes: Poll managers pay premium price for votes. The election commission chants some empty provisions.

Just(is) wealth: A high court chief justice is to be impeached for land grabbing.

Cops witness assaults: Policemen lackadaisically talk over the mobile as student belabours student at the gate of a law college.

Lawyers beaten up in court: The same cops go into the high court and beat lawyers black and blue.

Cop Killed in presence of Ministers : Cop are blasted and ministers gape at the scene. And after all that it was the wrong cop who had been targeted!

Badmash Shris : Questionable characters become Padma Shris with recommendations from union ministers.

Kontract Killers : Murderous hoodlums roam the country finishing off whomsoever they please.

Caste in the mould : MuPoliticians talk of a casteless society and at every stage pander to caste. Doubletalk and hypocrisy are the order of the day.

Swiss Swindle : Swiss banks get fat on Indian money; apart from being looted the poor Indian has to listen to pious lipservice on steps to recover the loot.

In the family way : Dynastic politics reaches its height under the great principle charity begins at home.

Media Greedia : Media is bought left and right…Rank partisanship prevails with media getting fat at the expense of truth.

Pelvis Pressleys : Pelvis jerking freaks on tv and cinema signal the goal of this civilisation.

Cult’e Sharanam : A tired and tortured humanity turns to godmen and cults for balm for its tired soul.

Mod-men : Godmen, also being men, have their beards dyed, nails manicured, bodies massaged and tensions eased.

Pieces fall in place : All of a piece, despite all the sermons, all the anger and all the expectation.

Bhupen’s refrain : The Ganga flows on, its sacred waters dirtied at every turn.
As Bhupen Hazarika sang, Yeh Ganga Tu..Yeh Ganga Tu..Behti Rahtihain kyoon..O great Ganga…O Ganga…why do you keep flowing?

Ram Teri Ganga Pavitra : The Ganga of Indian life flows on, because deep within its breast it holds the springs of truth. When that truth flows out from within, mankind will change…and from east and west, north and south…a race of earth beings wedded to the songs of the heavens will walk this planet. Bharat Maa…take your truthful sons and daughters to your breast and suckle them with your divine milk…are you not the one who declared us Amritasya Putrah...the sons of immortality? Shall we not, without a tinge of pettiness, show the world what we are?


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