Nithyananda resurfaces on Times Now

Posted: March 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Nithyananda is a magician. Just now, in the past many days, he had vanished into thin air, despite a few minor fluctuations in the air.

Even godmen need protection from road rage.

And then suddenly, he is all over the air…through the strong signals of Times Now.

The tone of importunity in the Tamil message of a few days is gone.

There is a regaining of composure…and a cocky confidence in his assertion that Ranjitha was a devotee, is a devotee and will be a devotee.

But what about the others who didn’t have the privilege of serving him in his bedroom? Is he is so confident about them too, and or does he believe that he can bluff them into the belief that he is a modern day Vatsyayana both in and out of sexuality?

Nityananda says there is a conspiracy against him, and may be right…but the conspiracy may be in more dimensions than one. One recalls the lament of Mandodari at the death of Ravana. ‘‘You conquered the worlds by subjugating your senses. Remembering that old enmity, your senses have avenged themselves’’.

It is true that the media blitzkrieg that he faced was like a sunami and could not be faced directly. That explains his trench life after it struck his ashram worlds.

I have no lust, Nityananda says, and there is no way one can contest his assertion, except through a replay of his video, which he admits is his.

In fact that is the only admission he makes, though he adds that their might be some tampering as well as some scenes which might have been misunderstood. Perhaps he expects his devotees to take that as a revelation. The guru was into some sort of tantric transformation which required the agency of a former film heroine.

We live in libertarian times when north is south and east is west, and the worst is the best. There is shamelessness at the topmost echelons in every sphere. Everything can be explained…everything justified….and the most egregious acts in every sphere of life are

But nothing will come out of shouting and ranting. We need to sit down and cry. That may clear the dirt in our vision.


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