Mayawati is Malawati, so what?

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The note mala with which Mayawati was garlanded has raised media temperatures somewhat.

But her partymen have garlanded her with another note-mala and promise to do so at every turn!

The CBI is supposed to be investigating, though one can be sure that it will come to nothing. That is because every politician worth his or her salt is a Mala-wati.

Even as Indira Gandhi was said to be the only man in her cabinet, Mayawati is the only man among our politicians who can accept the note phenomenon and crown herself with it publicly!

The note malas of the other politicians are concealed in benami holdings and tax havens.

Many of the note malas they garlanded themselves with in secret are lying cosily in Swiss banks.

I am sure that they will turn into poison in their vaults and singe the lifes of their offspring.

Modern men will ask why the sins of the fathers should be visited on their progeny.

The super intelligence which is the unseen witness to all the goings on in this bewildering planet of ours knows whom to assign as the progeny of the morally bankrupt bureaucrat and politician.

Sri Krishna asked us to do our karma by establishing ourselves in Yoga – ‘Yogasthaha Kuru Karmaani…Sangam Thyaktwa Dhananjaya….’

‘Perform actions by establishing yourself in yoga and after ridding yourself of all attachment’. If even virtuous actions are chains, can you imagine what secret sins will be?

All those who are Malavatis and Karodpatis at the expense of the common and ordinary folk of our country, will be finally assigned to the dung heap of history…and become objects of memory.

Those who know that even their own bodies don’t belong to themselves but are only a trust given to them, will learn the secret of life and enter into regions undreamt of by power, position and money hungry asuras.

Bharat Mata…make my countrymen rise to the true worlds you represent…save your truthful and innocent children from the clutches of mala-fide forces.


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