N.D.Tiwari and Nithyananda : libetarian times

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If you cannot learn your lessons at 86, you cannot learn them at 32 even.

That was what I learnt from N. D.Tiwari and Nithyananda.

N.D. Tiwari is saying on Times Now about his romp in Raj Bhavan with call girls: ‘In this age of electronics one has to be careful’.

According to him he has been a Gandhian from the times when only good old All India Radio was there.

AIR had of course no time or inclination to see who he was cohabiting with at that time.

He has nothing to say on the case in which a former Congress party activist, Ujjwala Sharma is claiming that her son Rohit Shekhar is his biological son.

It appears that Sharma and Tiwari were doing more than advancing the cause of the Congress in Uttar Pradesh. No wonder the party was routed in the state.

As far as Nithyananda’s case goes, he wants Ranjitha’s case to be a closed chapter. He has a lot of social service to do, according to him.

The obvious implication is that the only morphing in the video showing him and Ranjitha was natural and biological. Ranjitha’s seva was deha seva rather than paada seva. Act accepted in clinical terms.

Of course the only-AIR times cannot be called pure and saintly. But as no inconvenient questions were asked, there was no barefaced lie or shameless acceptance of guilt.

The politician belongs to the pre-Independence era. The godman was born in the late 1970s. Both have gone astray, but show no remorse for their conduct.

There was a Hindu saint in a Karnataka mutt a few decades back who gave up his ochre robes and married the woman he was attracted to.

He was a man of character.

But obviously, the saying which asserts that if you lose character you lose everything is not true in our times. At least in India.

A Tiger Woods and a Bill Clinton apologise in the west for their sexual misconduct.

Our public men don’t.

Though the west seems more libertarian and accepting of sex, there is more morals and ethics in there than in our country.

We have not only lost the old values of our past, we have not learnt the values of the west.


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