Coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol good and bad?

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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‘Coffee is good for you’, ‘Coffee is bad for you’.

‘Tea helps you’, ‘Tea digs your grave’.

‘Chocolate is evil’, ‘Chocolate is an angel’.

‘A drink or two warms up your heart’ ; ‘Drinks kill you anyway, keep off!’

‘Sex gives you strength’ ; ‘Sex sucks’.

‘Analgesics are a godsend’…’Analgesics may be devilish’.

Flush your bloody researches down I say…

I desist because it may harm the drainage!

The moral : ‘Desist from everything you see as much as possible’.

Even one excess drop of mother’s milk is harmful to that degree.

Walk with the Buddha…diet with Krishna (Practice moderation in eating, drinking, sleeping and even dreaming..)

‘Nothing’s good, nothing’s bad
Excess anything, is always sad’

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