Emergent Mayawati or Emergency Mayawati

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Mark my words…If Mayawati becomes PM someday, expect another emergency!

An emergency in which those who do not look at her elephantine posters will be punished for heresy.

An emergency in which any mosquito menace will be looked upon as biological warfare against Her Highness. (Bees at her party’s 25 year bash have been found to have been part of a conspiracy….).

An emergency in which all the elephants In the country will have to assemble at her residence and trumpet their fealty to the Queen of all the Elephants.

That would be the compensation India would have to pay for insulting the Dalits for 5,000 to 50,000 years!

But no idealogy built on a sense of hurt will survive…too negative to last.

A nation has to agree that all its citizens are equal…and no caste or class background can stand in the way of a person’s human qualities, whoever he or she is.

This feeling is just a thought away….Even 5 lakh years of hegemony will not drive the sense of hurt in a wounded pride of a Dalit. But five minutes of contact with his or her inner power will drive away all sense of inferiority for ever!

Anybody who goes against the truth of this uncircumsribed life force in us all, is downright stupid.

One need not wait for another 5000 years (to balance the so called 5000 years of oppression) for that to happen.

It is here…It is we…it is us. Let the winds of love and solidarity sweep through all of us.

For God’s sake…let India raise itself with its own power…let it not lower itself.


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