To B or not to B is the answer

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Selected as the best contemporary Indian English poem in the BBC poetry contest (held on 21- 10 – 010203)

To B or not to B
Is not the question,
It is the answer !
To B, is to B
Not even the Big B
But the biggest B
By name Mayawati.

If that does not a bell ring
Here comes the big sting!
A B that bites
A B that writes
A B that boxes
A B that taxes
Queen of all B’s
Queen of all Grease
Queen of all hearts
Queen of many parts
Wag your tail at her
Only if you are a dog
For nonsense she never takes
All opposition she quickly bakes
Into neat little loaves of bread
To feed her pet dog, Dread!

If she had been around
The sculptors would have frowned
And built their monuments great
For her at any rate!

And the great great mansions
Raised by kings of many sanctions
Would have been named after her
As the honorable ‘Behenji’s ghar’

She is out to prove
Whose word will move
All the Dalits to Delhi
And crown her Queen B!

(Bees from <a href=””>Bees</a&gt; by Petr Kratochvil)

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