Sania set to spark a mania?

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
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After scandalising some Muslim conservative fringes with her short skirts, Sania must have warmed many a heart with her choice of Pakistani cricketer Shoab Malik as her groom.

But possibly, other than short-term love or infatuation, greater calculations on a boom in TRP and its implications on boosting her image in the media, swayed the tennis star with a hard forehand.

Her ‘chaman ki asha’ is also going to delight the proponents of ‘aman ki asha’ with a neighbour who is actively involved in killing Indians by sending terrorists of various hues to wage war on it. Would it be ironical for the couple to be feted at the Taj, the same venue on which Kasab and his comrades inflicted blood gore and fire.

The Padma Shri and Arjuna award winning player of India has opted for a man who is not even a good loser. Receiving the runners-up trophy at the end of the T-20 final in Johannesburg in 2007, Malik was thanking a pan-Muslim fraternity for supporting Pakistan.

He said something like, “I want to thank you back home (in) Pakistan and where the Muslim lives all over the world”.

With this sort of attitude as well as poor communication skills, will he be able to keep a meaningful conversation with his prospective wife, is the question.

You must also remember that the would-be groom was (temporarily) banned by his country’s cricket board for ”causing infighting within the team”. Will he be able to avoid it in his own close-knit team of two?

One only hopes that patriotism or the lack of it, tennis, or cricket, or any other extraneous consideration, does not come between the relationship of the two persons.

For, even just as the great ‘progressives’ of India are celebrating the supreme court’s green signal to live in couples, two celebrities are going in for the much maligned institution of marriage flinging even nationalistic considerations into the dustbin.

Two international sports-persons have decided to ignore national boundaries to play the biggest game of marriage. We will have to wait to see whether their team will win, or whether in the end, religion, nationalism, or just plain expediency will overtake them!


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