Modi, Tharoor and the E(xact) D(elivery) guys

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This Lalit Modi guy, short and dusky, and with a smile as naughty and wicked as can be, is a fantastic bowler. With a single deadly delivery he can despatch the batsmen at both ends of the wicket to the pavilion! He is one of those rare cricketers who can superbly bowl and bat, and that at the same time!

Cricket watchers remember this delivery of his a few years back. It sent even a veteran like Kapil Devi scurrying off after scoring a resounding duck. Spectators had seen Kapil saying quack quack as he left…A sorry situation.

A great brand ambassoder, Modi made the three letter league the talk of the world. And now he has done it all over again. He bowled a ball to this Twitter Guy Tharoor that almost got the latter leg before wicket but suddenly swung so viciously that it went and hit Tharoor’s girl friend in New York! Modi then claimed that the delivery of his was called a New Yorker. It certainly had something new to offer!

It transpired that Tharoor, the present junior minister of external affairs, had given a new meaning to his post, by getting a largesse of 70 crore runs, the highest score for any batsperson who had never come out of the pavilion, credited to the account of his girl friend Sunanda!

This Sunanda must have been a hell of a cricketwoman.Her second name is Pushkar to show what a pushy and cushy sportswoman is she.

In the meanwhile, Modi came out to bat. The opposing team then made the grave charge that this Lalit Modi is not the batsman who was meant to come. They charged that he was impersonating Narendra Modi!

Well, as Narendra Modi is a player proscribed in the ‘Indian Media League’ as well as the ‘Indian Unnational Congress League’, Lalit Modi’s delivery that almost got Tharoor out is being retrospectively adjuged by self-appointed umpires as wicket before leg and there not out.

Lalit Modi’s bowling action is also being called to question, and the ED guys (short for the ‘exact delivery’ division) have been let loose on him.

Apparently, the Tharoor batsman who bats with a batswoman in his pocket is not to blame, and Modi should be a bloady rascal, because after all nobody who has a name resembling that of the chief minister of Gujarat can come to any good. Ask the Germans…they should know who resembles Hitler best! In their view anybody who has the Modi name belongs to Hitler’s secret service!!

On his part, hoary headmaster Pranab Mukhopadhyaya, many times winner of the national best teacher award, has had student-batsman Tharoor called to his room, and chastised and caned him for improper behaviour. But Tharoor has decided to put this caning behind him!!

In Pranab Mukhopadhyaya’s opinion, and in the opinion of the union governing council authority, a Gandhi relative!, this is punishment enough. It is their feeling that a student who so kindheartedly made over 70 crore runs to the account of his girl friend should be congratulated for being a kindhearted and chivalrous knight on whom women can bank!

Meanwhile, the Modi guy is said to be planning a hidden camera operation when his cricketing foe goes to the Big Apple.


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