Sweat Equity, my foot!

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I swear by the sweat of my brow, this is the first time in my fifty even years that I am hearing this word, or rather words.

‘Sweat Equity’.

At first I thought it was the equity politicians talk about when they sweat it out in the public meetings.

What I have learnt in the course of the Modi-Tharoor night riders slug match, is that it is the money that an enterprise gives the chosen one….Actually, it means sweatless equity…or money that you get free.

In Tamil Nadu, you just call it anbalippu, ‘present’. Sometimes it goes by the name of mamool. Policemen gather milllions of rupees of sweat equity from the money people earn by the sweat of their or other’s brow.

There are people who complain about the ‘sweat equity’ of 70 and more crore rupees written out in favour of former UN mandarin Tharoor’s girl friend Sunanda Pushkar.

On the value of the s-equity, some people say that it could rise to many times that amount, while others like economic analyst Sandeep Bamzai say that it would amount to millions of dollars.

But I think Sunanda Pushkar will not get even a pie of sweat equity, because she will not sweat a drop! Honestly, look at her yaar, do you think she has ever sweated it out even a bit in all her lovely years?

Dew drops perhaps, and drops in her ears yes, but no sweat drops please.

And considering that the lovely sun glasses and lovelier locks cover a good part of her rosy visage, I am sure that even the dew drops have little chance to settle on her.

Such being the case, she won’t get anything at all from the Rendezvouz company. Tharoor is going to place this argument in Parliament once Manmohan comes…but nobody will hear it because the other MPs will be shouting themselves hoarse to earn their own sweat equity.

After sweat equity, it is the turn of sweat iniquity now.

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