Competition for sweatless equity

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This is as shameful as it can get.

Sunanda Pushkar will supposedly give up her five per cent sweat equity (meant to be held for perpetuity), and that will be, I suppose, the reason for Shashi Tharoor continuing as junior minister for external affairs.

I was suprised to hear Headlines Today executive editor Ajay Kumar and ND TV’s English news group editor Barkha Dutt suggesting that that would be good enough to save Shashi Tharoor’s skin.

Both journalists implied that as the main charge is that Tharoor (mis)used his office to get his friend Sunanda Pushkar this sweat equity, her giving it up will do to silence his detractors.

I think something must be very wrong with one’s values to suggest something like that.

As I have said in my twitter comment, giving up of the equity (announced at 3.15 Sunday), is like donning clothes after the act. It does not in any way change the charge of corruption against the minister.

To what levels of shamelessness our public life reduces itself to!

And as high and overexposed journalists play political games for the powers that be, they become power brokers themselves.

So much competition and media games in globalising India for sweatless equity…Wait a minute…Pushkar’s lawyer is calling me over the phone again…I must find out what more he wants put across for saving Tharoor!

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