Shashi Tharoor quitter

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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At last, Shashi Tharoor, minister of state of external affairs, has been freed from representing a cattle-class country.

The man who once moved his girl friend in the UN to the office next to him, may do something like that this time too.

With Dubai being eyed as a haven by dubious couples (Sania, Shoab for one), one may find him in some cushy job there with his newfound girlfriend advancing her professional career next door!

I am sure there are ministers in this very cabinet who have done much more than earn 70 easy crores for their friends, girlfriends, or concubines, but the uppity Tharoor so bothered about his appearance was the only one found with his pants severely down in the process.

This gave his adversary Lalit Modi a good handle to get at him.

In such a scenario, it is but natural that neither Tharoor’s cultivated accent nor his tonsurial style helped him wriggle out of his predicament.

Not that he did not try hitting his opponent below the belt (Lalit Modi, cleverly, was wearing an abdominal guard, I think).

Narendra Modi’s name was taken….(‘modern’ untouchability)

Kerala was called for…(‘modern’ chauvinism)

Gender bias against girlfriend Pushkar was invoked…(‘modern’ badword)…

Media was used –(modern technology) — ND TV’s Barkha suggesting and insinuating heroinically that now that the Pushkar woman has surrendered her sweat equity, there was no reason for Tharoor to go.

But the BJP had so much info on Tharoor, that not all the obfuscation and media management of Tharoor and the Congress could hide the fact that the former under secretary general was in fact enormously under-dressed…that he was in his best cut birthday suit!

So the man who has been touted and feted for his good looks has had to be booted out and shooed away!

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