Paramakamsa Nityananda…The Triple X Ananda

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Some contracts have surfaced in Nityananda’s ashram. They are said to have been signed by devotees agreeing for sexual excitement on the way to bliss.

In one of my earlier posts, I had called attention to Nityananda’s fascination for Rajneesh.

The surfacing of the sex contracts shows that Nityananda did not have a fall from a yogic state…he was always fallen.

The sex and sleaze were therefore pre-meditated! So much for meditation.

And the chap was not a yoga brashtha…but a confirmed dushtha.

But like the IPL he was also a great success… till his amours with a former actress hit the air waves.

If the contracts are pucca, and all those who were in the game were there consensually — even Ranjitha has maintained that she was doing only seva — Nityananda should be freed without fanfare.

Those of his bhaktas who are scandalised by the sex at the ashram can go back home and live there peacefully. They are allowed to jettison his pictures after ritually beating them with chappals.

Those of the devotees who want the grace of Paramakamsa NItyananda can have it at the ashram…but they must pay for it!

As he is an international brand attracting a lot of foreigners, he should be retained. If the government wants, it can confer a triple X rating on him and those of his ilk.

Old Monk Rum will be a good brand to sponsor him again in a big way (No disrespect meant to the hoary brand).

Or somebody can start a Young Monk Bum brand.

  1. Jahannumwala says:

    Good to see some debate happening on it. I am not sure whether really warrants this much attention. AD too opines the same at hope you too shall agree.

    – J

  2. S.BHARATKUMAR says:

    In recent times, no other visual scoops have captured the minds (and of course, eyes !) of the middle-aged men and may be, women, in number and in repeat value, than that of Nityananda.

    Especially his ‘yogic’ jump from bed in presence of the ex-actress (with undies on !) in the clip while she was doing the ‘ seva’ was the glimpse many voyeurs longed for !

    Most truly many men would have felt a tinge of jealousy probably at the pot of luck ‘Nityanandaji’ had rather than any remorse !

    This titillation for many, depicts that many Indian men lack what that attracts women including appeal of ‘swamiji’ or the Govt. to ponder to supply free ‘viagra’ to all men by way of subsidy ! — Om Shanti Om!