Gadkari’s dog conspiracy

Posted: May 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Mulayam is as angry as hell.

In fact, since he was smothered by Maya’s machismo
he has not had anything to be angry at all.
He has been shedding tears in private..a cathartic
experiece which helped him a great deal.

After one such crying bout, he had offered to support
the UPA ministry.

But now this chubby Gadkari, a political urchin when
compared to his own donkey years experience had
deigned to call him a dog.

A dog…known for its gratitude…its loyalty to its
master…and Mulayam a dog!

This Gadkari must be thinking of finishing him
off forever.

A wily fox perhaps…A tricky jackal sometimes…a hungry
wolf yes…but a dog..a dog..not only the ultimate insult
by also the worst vendetta.

More than an insult..(to dogs in particular),
it was a also a deep rooted strategem against him.

Laloo too, who has had no opportunity in the recent past
to indulge in his tall talk, has jumped on to the
podium and bared his fangs at Gadkari.

Has any dog survived in politics? Is this Gadkari
conspiring against the Yadav caste? How dare he invoke
a totem that would bury them all fathoms deep!

Has the dog any chance against Mayavati’s elephant?

Dog, my foot!

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