Khushboo plays her political card

Posted: May 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Khushboo, the buxom has-been heroine
of Tamil Nadu, and lately a matronly and well made up
TV anchor, has joined the DMK.

This after her indicating her warmth for the Congress:
”I respect Indira Gandhi a lot. I like Rajiv Gandhi… Respect for the Congress
runs in the family”.

A Chennai-based Tamil oriented personality has kilometres
of more mileage to gain by joining one of the Kazhagams.
And with the moolah raining for the in-power DMK, the
rolypoly actress knows which side of her fat sandwich is
buttered and jam-med in many layers.

I have always held that she has been over-estimated and over
applauded given that she is minimally talented and maximally
overfed (apologies for my coinage) .

But the limelight never leaves her and she clings to it with a
bear hug she alone is capable of.

The actress who was happily paired with Prabhu during her screen avatar made a tongue-loose statement about pre-marital sex
and Tamil women and landed in a swathe of court cases.

Finally freed by the courts that be from all the litigation, she is
now ready for another fling.

I am sure Tamil Nadu has a great deal to profit from this
self-serving ex actress who will shame any WWE wrestler! Whether
under-fed Tamils like her or not, they cannot free themselves
from her iron grip!!


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