Tamil classical conference – a little good

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Uncategorized
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What is Kalaignar?

He is Semmozhi. He is the mother of Semmozhi.

He is the Rajarajan of our democratic times.

Poet Abdul Rahman, quite a respectable and honourable man generally, was lavishing extraordinary praise on the man who has made him Wakf board chief and heaped other awards on him.

It seems Abdul Rahman met the Tamil dame and asked her for her address, and she said, ‘care of Kalaignar’!

Meanwhile, the CM, swimming in a sea of praise, has, it seems, asked poets and delegates to praise Tamil mother more and him less. But the so called poets are all asserting that they see Kalaignar as Tamil mother, Tamil father, and Tamil itself. Kalaignar is happy none the less.

In the sea of sycophancy, the heart is gone…and one is deaf to the thundering pulse of the sufferings of the people.

There are times when poetry simply disappears in the arid deserts of self-interest.

A classical Tamil session featuring Tamil film lyricists was a pitiable whimper. Most film lyricists don’t have a voice even in their film lyrics! How can you expect them to voice anything meaningful in Tamil! One has to wait for the unputdownable Vali to come and announce, as he did once, that he is a puppy that wags its little tail at Kalaignar as if it were the redoubtable banner of His party!

A few politicians like CPI’s Raja spoke more sensibly …He said that rather than shout ‘engum thamizh, edhilum thamizh’ (Tamil everywhere) one should concentrate on developing thamizh in every domain, saying ‘ingum thamizh, idhulum thamizh’…thamizh in this field..and thamizh in this sphere.

A simple question to the organisers of a multicrore Tamil tamasha: Can a serious Tamil writer make a reasonable living writing only in Tamil?

It is a crying shame.

The Tamils are one of the most corrupt people. You only have to start to demolish an old house and build a new one to find out how far corruption extends. You have to see it to believe how corruption and nepotism rules all life. What happened to the colleges that were found charging huge capitation fees? If every budding engineer and doctor has to cough out lakhs to earn his seat, you can imagine their plan of action for the future.

And why is all this so? Nobody tires of blaming the Brahmins for the decay of Hindu society. Now, the politicians should squarely take the blame for turning society into a cesspool of corruption. For, as they say, like king, like citizens.

It is not a question whether Tamil is classic or sick. It is a question of making it an instrument of culture as well as equitable growth. Tamil has stayed with us through thick and thin, and is bound to prosper….but whether self-respecting Tamil writers will be alive till then is the question.

This is not to say that nothing comes out of such conferences. People meet and some good comes out of their associations. A huge amount is spent, and something trickles down to some good works too. But does not the great and glorious Tamil deserve a more categorical push?

  1. knitnkanmani says:

    Nobody tires of blaming the Brahmins for the decay of Hindu society.
    I liked the article but I could understand this ,why was this line a part of it ?

    • vamanan81 says:

      The Kazhagams poured venom on the old establishment…in which the Brahmins were theoretically on top. (even tho there were any number of impoverished Brahmins even then genuflecting before wealthy other caste jamindars all the time…) But see how their so called alternative model of Tamil culture and Kadamai Kanniyam Kattupaadu has come to stink in just half a century. That was the idea I was driving at… Anyhow..thanks for commenting…Regards Vamanan