Rajaraja Chola, was a great king, a mighty emperor and imperialist, if you have…

But with the passing of time, he is mainly known for the temple(s) he built.

His son Rajendra celebrated his northern victory with the raising of Gangaikondacholapuram, and marked his new capital with a gigantic temple.

Today that capital Gangaikondacholapuram is a nondescript spot, identified only by the temple which is looked after by the Archaeological survey of India.

Whatever happened to the great warriors? They died like everyone of us will.

The temples will live, but the kings and their kaliyugan counterparts will be consigned to the dungheaps of history.

It is so because the temples are part of the lives of the people while kings are meant to change…and die…and be forgotten.

If this is what happens to noble kings, one can imagine the fate of rulers who swindle the people to fatten their families.

Sri Rama is quite another matter. He was not only the king of Ayodhya, he is the king of the hearts of the Hindu people.

Whatever ‘Dravidian’ Don Quixotes may think, he is the symbol of all that is great in India.

That is why a Tamil Kamban, the greatest of all Tamil poets who lived and will ever live, built his magnus opus on Rama’s life. Kamban must have known Rajaraja too…but he knew who was the Rajadhiraja…the King of all kings.

That is why a Thyagaraja, who lived in stark poverty to keep his creative fires dazzling, poured out his sublime musical heart in tribute to Rama.

I challenge present day politicians to impel one noble work on themselves with their ill-earned crores.

They will have only crows cawing inane tributes.

Some petty poetaster can perhaps think of something as original as a Ravana Kaaviyam…but that will shrivel sooner than the tenheads of the demon in a Ram Lila fest.

Rajaraja lives today because he reventially bowed to the glory of Shiva…

He lives because he was Sivapadashekaran….he who decorated his crown with the feet of Shiva.

If he was just Rajaraja, there would be no place for Mr. Karunanidhi to enter.

Let everybody remember….every mortal who wants a little bit of immortality should bow before the immortals.

At least you have people wondering where Rajaraja’s resting place could be…there will be no one to do even that for those who question the gods and trample upon their values.

And for those who want true immortality there is the great Vedic vision and achievement of the Vedic seers on whose unshakeable foundations India rests.

This is the vision that the mighty Subramania Bharati, who gave new life to the Tamil tongue, called on all of us to take to…if we want to become truly immortal. Mrityor Maa Amritam Gamaya…Take us from the shores of death to the horizons of everlasting life.

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