Yoga is indeed demonic, it frees you of the demons of anger and greed

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Yoga is demonic, a pastor (Seattle Mars Hill Church’s Mark Driscoll) in the US has declared.

He has drawn a lot of flak for this statement, but in my view this could be the first true statement he is making.

Yoga can surely be construed as demonic, because it helps a person, whatever his creed or country, to gain mastery over the demons that bedevil humanity.

Yoga does not ask anyone to believe in any outside force…Yoga does not make a flock or sheep of people…it makes them masters of themselves. Can there be anything more demoniacal than that? What would happen to churches and other spiritual authorities if a man became a light to himself? Dangerous demonology isn’t it?

Another church head (R Albert Mohler Jr, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky) has declared that yoga is against Christianity.

I however don’t see it as such….in fact in my neighbourhood in Chennai I know of a Christian near a Catholic church who runs yoga classes!

So which Christianity is the church head talking about?

I suggest that both the pastor and church head meet the Tamil Nadu chief minister Karunanidhi to conquer their own demons.

A known and self-declared enemy of Hinduism (the only religion he has attacked all his long life), he is a self-confessed practitioner of yoga asanas and pranayama.

Once the demoniacal churchmen (that is the churchmen who allege that yoga is demonic) meet the most honourable chief minister they will be freed of the demons tormenting them.

It may also help the chief minister garner some ‘Christian’ votes in the coming elections.

The chief minister is at present beset by the demons of family strife. Some people are suggesting yoga for this problem too. So yoga is demonic on this score also.

Three cheers to yoga…the greatest demoniacal challenge to dogmatic religions!

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