Superglue kept A. Raja in the telecom seat

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Political forensic experts are closely scrutinizing ‘resigned’ telecom minister A. Raja’s ministerial chair to figure out the extraordinary adhesion he achieved with it.

Their preliminary studies have found that the impugned bonding agent was a many layered super-glue that consisted of scam kickbacks, goondagiri, loopholes of coalition politics, Dravidian sloganeering, Dalit positioning and tangled personal relationships.

Though much of the super adhesive had stuck to Raja’s spotless dhoti as well as ample posterior when he prised himself out of the chair for good last Sunday, the experts gleaned vestiges of the substance and quickly sent it for tests including DNA fingerprinting.

The above scrappy report is based on initial findings. They only go to strengthen general public perceptions about the telecom scam.

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