Belief in books and belief in oneself

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Morari Bapu live at Grishneshwar….(one of the jyotir lingas of Shiva, near Aurangabad, Maharashtra)

Hindu philosophical thinking recognises direct perception (pratyaksha), inference (anumana) and sastraic testimony (shabda) as the means of knowing.

When it comes to God, our sight is weak.

When it comes to God, our means of reasoning and inference are feeble.

So most of us have to depend on religious texts or the testimony of sages….

Vamanan reflection:

Believe in any book, but don’t disbelieve your humanity…don’t hate your fellow men on the basis of religion, nationality, language, region or caste… ‘‘Man..Stand Up…There is no book bigger than ye!’’

The problem of believing in one particular book is the problem of religious bigotry.

I have great regard for Morari Bapu for his true spiritual feeling, humility and great music.


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