I am no lawyer, but the responses and reactions of the central government coming out in the media in the ‘permission to prosecute Raja case’ are laughable and pathetic.

First was the kneejerk reaction of booting out the solicitor general for not having represented the PM’s case properly, followed by the drafting of the attorney general.

Then came the pathetic certificate given by law minister Moily that solicitor general Gopal Subramaniam was a brilliant lawyer nonetheless (then why was the media constantly being fed reports about the dissatisfaction of the PMO with the defence he had put up).

Finally emerged the pooh-poohing of Subramaniam Swamy. ‘He has no locus standi’. ‘Manmohan need not have replied to him at all’. ‘He could have simply dispatch Swamy’s missives to the WPB’.

If indeed Swamy was nobody why was the supreme court seized of the matter? Why were the SC judges passing unprecedented comments?

One only sees varying levels of hardheartedness and calculation. There is no inspiration in any of the responses.


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