Will Tata learn from Wikileaks

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Irony of ironies…Even as Ratan Tata is complaining and grumbling about the Radia tapes expose, the worlds most powerful nation’s diplomatic cover gets blown away and the names it called the worlds leaders are out in the open.

Tata who claims that he is an pure as about-to-fall snow goes ahead and engages a person like Radia (who can ‘take’ a person without the other person knowing) to do his dirty work, and then goes about crying on the shoulder of NDTV.

Well, if you live in the shadow of Khajuraho you cannot say you do not know how an orgy looks like!

Approaching the supreme court in an attempt to cover up the slimy Radia’s devious derelictions, will not pay any dividends. Truth will out. Tata should learn from the Wikileaks and desist from the futile labour of covering the ear drums of the public.