Obama and Michelle, how does this wash with you?

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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United States officials have insulted India’s ambassador to the United States, Meera Shankaer, by hand searching her.

Her diplomatic immunity has not helped her. According to her own statement, it is because she was wearing the sari that the officials chose to target her for this special treatment.

If US officials are so ignorant and illiterate about the sartorial practices of other nations, and that about India, which the US president Obama claims has emerged as a power to reckon with, who is to blame? Is the US really a friend of the India?

How are you, Mr. Obama and Mrs Obama going to set right the insult done to the envoy of a country that lavished you with love and respect? (and business deals – the reason for your coming to our country).

Do you have nothing to say about this?

The argument that complaints have to be made to the correct authorities does not wash….

Which authorities? U take it down that an Indian woman, and that an ambassador, could be wearing this attire….Should not the so-called great power of the unipolar world be ashamed that its harebrained officers don’t even know who could be wearing what?

As a simple and honourable citizen of India I expect Mr. Obama to respond to this.

Are you going to wait for formal letters and requests? I thought the US was a spontaneous country….

  1. tahseen says:

    Enough! No more excuses.Fine n suspend these officials.

  2. Santhana says:

    We Indians still think that the white man is king… we need to change that from our system.. until then, We just remain slaves to everyone…

  3. Raji Muthukrishnan says: