Cheap injustices of India

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Perhaps he should be called the former chief injustice of India. When asked about the disproportionate assets of his sons-in-law his response is that ‘you must ask them’. That is the extent of responsibililty he is prepared to take for integrity in public life.

No wonder he turned a blind eye to the question of former minister A. Raja’s interference in the administration of justice in the Madras high court. Men known for their integrity, like former supreme court justice V. R. Krishna Iyer and CPM leader (and Kerala chief minister) Achutanandan are going hammer and tongs at him. Noted lawyer Fali Nariman has asked for a probe into the assets of the former CJI and his kin. Krishna Iyer says that as corruption is the greatest injustice, the greatest infringement of basic human rights, the former CJI should give up his present post as national human rights commission chief.

Skeletons keep tumbling from his shelf but he continues to dodge and dive to avoid the press. In this case, perhaps ‘former cheap justice of India’ will be a more proper form of address.

Sons-in-law are proving to be sons-out-law…making it seem that former chief justice of India is the former chief justice not for India but for sons-in-law.

But whatever we call him, the man has a lot to answer for.

The days that he wrote fat judgements on other peoples cases are over. The blindfolded lady who holds the scales even seems to be writing her judgement on him. And there seems to be no scope for any mercy plea.

One of India’s acute shames in this season of the so-called rise to super power status is the death of shame. The men whose reputations are stripped hold on tightly to their public offices.


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