Doubting Thomas finally goes for an outing

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The conscience of the great nation of India is waking up under the prodding of the Supreme Court of India.

P.J. THOMAS, a central vigilance commissioner of doubtful credentials who was foisted on this nation by a cynical government, has been kicked out by the SC. The government’s move for a laughable watchdog on corruption has backfired on it. Perhaps the government thought that India deserved no better. That’s our contemporary shame.

That India’s men of integrity are standing up for probity in public life signifies that the huge Behemoth called Bharat is waking up once again…the moment has come in history when its value systems are being upgraded.

Those who spit on India’s magnificent past and spectacular spiritual achievements and vandalized Mother India and stripped her of its riches…are going to be shown the door.

A new India is emerging on the horizon.

This new India cannot be raised on the foundation of a million mutinies rising from unfed stomachs and uncared for citizens.

The supreme court which is monitoring the Himalayan spectrum scandal of our times, perpetrated by the partisan chief minister of Tamil Nadu and his lieutenants, has struck another blow for integrity and set the agenda of transparency for the new India.

Let us all, citizens of Bharat, whether high or low, to whichever religion or group we belong to, rise and create a new nation of equals.

I bow down to the great judges of our apex court. You have done our nation proud, your majesties.


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