Thank you Two-ji

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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During the freedom struggle we had Gandhiji.

We then had, as the steward of the nation, Nehruji.

To give Pakistan a drubbing in 1965 we had Shastriji.

As the midwife of Bangladesh and the single man in her cabinet, we had Indraji.

And welcoming India into the new millennium we have the great 2-G.

And it is the DMK, the great Dravidian party led by Karunanidhi for the past forty years, whose watchwords are supposed to be Duty (Kadamai), Honesty (Kanniyam) and Discipline (Kattupaadu), that has given this shining milestone to the nation : an astronomical sum running to one lakh seventy six thousand crores diverted away from the exchequer.

Unable to bear the weight of this extraordinary contribution, the Indian National Congress is at last splitting from its southern darling of many years. (or so it seems, as in the evening of March 5,2011).

The sheer weight of illbegotten wealth is about to crush a Machiavellian political alliance.

What a great relief for Tamil Nadu! A party that once claimed to see God in the smile of the poor (Ezhaiyin Sirippil Iraivanai Kaanboam) saw god only in tonnes of money distributed with Kanniyam among family members.

A party that called itself a self-respect movement, had begun to set a price for that self-respect seeking to buy votes with largesse if not hard cash.

One looks forward to such crass selfserving opportunism being consigned to the the dustbin.

  1. Chris says:

    What is the alternative ?

    Not that I am an admirer of the man to who a Guinness Record is due for the World’s shortest hunger strike!