Musharraff – from the general to the particular

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General Musharraf, after the loss both of power and the general command of his army (as chief of army staff) has become the particular Musharraf .

And the details of this particularity…his role in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto when he was president of Pakistan and she was campaigning for her Pakistan People’s Party in December 2007 are interesting.

Musharraf is at present ensconced in London, after he was forced to resign in August 2008 by an upsurge of judicial activism and the coming together of political parties in Pakistan.

He has been claiming that he warned Benazir about the possibility of her being bumped off. But a sessions court in Pakistan believes that he has more to do with the murder than just warning her. Perhaps he commissioned the killing is what the court suspects. Perhaps he didn’t take part directly in the murder because he was not sure of his shot.

That is what PPP partymen thought as they chanted Dog, Musharraf, Dog outside the hospital in which lay Benazir’s body.

This diabolical general it was who unleashed the Kargil war on India in July 1999. While he was shaking one hand with India he was boxing India. with another fist. In a high altitude warfare in the border district of Kargil in Kashmir. India lost 527 young soldiers who died defending their motherland and recapturing stealthily infiltrated and occupied territory

I do hope, that Pervert, I am sorry, Pervez Musha-rough, sorry yet again, Musharruffian, sorry sorry yet yet again, Musharraf’s bad deeds catch up with him and his Mush faces the roughest weather.

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