Anna’s steely resolve, the word is vairaagya

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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More than the enemy being fought – the million headed monster of corruption that is born in the the founts of power and grows with the patronage it gets – the most striking think about Anna Hazare’s fast is his steely resolve in not backing out of the struggle in the face of the prevarications and double talk by the government or its vague promises of looking into the problem.

There is a single word for the dedication to the cause that he has shown – in India it is called Vairagya. The word signifies a sense of discrimination, the ability to see through false appearances and chicanery.

In Anna’s case, he is not only a moral leader who has chosen to fight the monster of corruption. He is a warrior who will not back out from the fight in the face of the government’s nebulous promises. He means business. The government is in the business of using its debators to give itself a good image while milking the country’s coffers for its party and its leaders.

Anna’s business is to call the bluff of the government and get solid steps against corruption. We must thank him for his war against corruption and and his firmness in rooting it out. The joint committee for drafting a Jan Lok Pal is the first step he has secured for a new India. We Indians must take it further and make India a land of honesty and integrity.

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