Kapil Sibal’s PC Sorcar act sought against Anna Hazare movement

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Everybody in the corridors of power in Delhi are looking up to legal wizard Kapil Sibal to do something.

Some months back he had suddently materialized a magic wand from nowhere and after a swish or two – and that terrible smile – had proved to the world that there was no loss at all to the exchequer due to the 2G scam.

This vanishing trick – of anything from one lakh 76 thousand crores or at least 30,000 crores. stunned the nation.

Here at last was a P.C.Sorcar of politics who could make lorryloads of matter disappear into thin air.

Now they are all queueing up at Sibal’s office and are offering another junior magician to him as his understudy…Abhishek Manu Singhvi. Singhvi is a Sorcar Junior who can make black appear white and white seem black. His sleights of tongue are also enviable.

Kapil Sorcar and Abhishek Singhvi Sorcar are being entreated to do something to make Anna Hazare and his fasting friends disappear from the public eye.

Even if the channels don’t stop screaming from the housetops about Hazare and his hundreds, the Sorcar duo may come up with something that will change the people’s view of Hazare.


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