Govt at its old game yet again

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Anna Hazare has written to Sonia asking if she believes the statements of one of the Congress general secretaries against the champions of the Jan Lok Pal bill.

The great gen sec he is referring to is none other than the one and only Digvijay.

All manner of logic and even physiological use is reversed in the case of this character. No wonder much of what he says stinks. This time he has been let loose on the Anna brigade.

Anna has begun to worry and has couriered his questions to the Congress chief.

Digvijay’s stink IS HERE! Really a man born with his foot in his mouth.
I am sure those who wallow in the muck of Delhi politics are not going to let Anna and his team get past them to the onerous task of cleansing India’s public life.


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