Salves for Sibal and Chidambaram

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Arnab Goswami on Times Now asks RTI activist and Jan Lok Pal Bill champion Arvind Kejriwal, why Shanti Bhushan, who was Law Minister in 1977 did not do anything to bring forward a Lok Pal bill during his two year tenure.

He might have been playing Devil’s Advocate, but the question not only seems highly rhetorical but also quite infantile. Why did Gandhi go to South Africa if he was going to be the father of the nation decades later?

Harish Salve, high and mighty lawyer of the Supreme Court was found smacking his lips at the discomfiture of the Lok Pal Bill chaps.

He fired salve(o) s directly at Kejrival asking him why he was ‘defaming’ respected former members of the bar like Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal. (Kejrival poor chap defended himself by saying he was not saying anything directly against Chidambaram Kapil but only asking why all the focus was being only on the civil society members of the joint drafting committee).

Salve almost seems to be central minister without portfolio holding a brief for such characters as the aforementioned ministers.

We know how Chidambaram scraped through from his parliamentary constituency after two recounts.

Kapil Sibal is the magician who flicked his political wand to do away with thousands and thousands of crores of 2G losses to the exchequer. According to this the present telcon minister there have been no losses and former colleague Raja is behind bars for not creating any losses.

And these political honchos are great respectable men of high integrity for Mr. Salve. At least now Salve’s own cloak of respectability is out.

  1. amit says:

    Mr Salve, who I had highest regards before this have completely been shaken.
    I understand he has also has to earn something, but then he should not be called the eminent and respectable.
    Atleast Ram jaithmalani is doing all these same stuff in the very public eye.