Mayawati’s latest mischief

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Mayawati wants a Dalit in the Jan lok pal bill committee.

Being the greatest champion of the Dalits, in her own view, she should resign her chief minister’s post and herself become a member of the drafting committee.
How does she like the idea?

Or else, she should perhaps allow somebody like former supreme court justice Hegde to stand in for Dalits, if indeed there has to be any representation for the Dalits.

If by Dalit you mean an underprivileged person can you think of somebody more underprivileged discriminated against and harassed in today’s society than a decent man of impeccable reputation? Think of the Satyendra Dubeys, Shanmugham Manjunaths and Satish Shettys. The place for these honest men, in the view of the goons around, is only heaven.

What we need in the panel is truthful men and men who want to see public life cleansed of corruption (and I don’t include Mayavati’s elephants in that list).
All the right-thinking truthful men can stand in for all manner of disadvantaged people. We should move towards a society of people who set store on values and individual character. Not on caste and creed.

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