Question to Pak: Has the US stopped beating you?

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Pakistan is facing the unenviable prospect of answering the political equivalent of the proverbial question, Have you stopped beating your wife?

Only this time the question is to the wife, and is, Has your husband stopped beating you?

Reworded, it would go, ‘Did the United States take your permission before bumping off Osama on Pakistani soilor did it not?’

If Pakistan said yes, and permission was taken, it would mean that Pakistan has given up its sovereignty for American dollars.

If Pakistan said no, it would me that America has simply usurped Pakistan’s sovereignty.

In this condition, the most pathetic statement came from Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik. He said that America had told Pakistan about the operation 15 minutes after it had started! (That is, after America was sure that Pakistan could do nothing to stop it!).

Another pathetic addition by Rehman Malik was: ‘’We weren’t however told where the operation was taking place ‘’ (except that it was on Pakistan soil, is it?).

Pakistan Pakistan…if only you could set some store by honesty and truth. If only you would discover some antidote to anti-India venom.


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